Our Story

TEMPERED Emotions was created when my business partner/wife and I were on vacation in Jamaica.

After expanding our other business, we took a much-needed break. After watching people take pictures while at the resort, excursions or getting married, we came up with the concept of taking peoples special moments and creating a very unique way of capturing these moments we all have in our lives.

Our process is so unique that it has never been done before. We take a memory, old pictures, new pictures, special occasion pictures, milestone pictures and we bring them to life.

TEMPERED Emotions is just that. We take your very best emotional picture and we print it on tempered glass. Now not just a square or rectangle piece of glass, but a symbolic shape of glass that represents your special memory! This is what starts the story, but your picture tells the story, adventure or whatever emotion that was created with that photo. TEMPERED Emotions brings that back to you, your family and friends will see that particular moment that you felt at that original time.

Life is short and time flies. Imagine capturing time instantly and having more conversations about any experience or hobby, special event, favourite pet, kids milestones or achievements, vacations and even memories of ones we lost.

TEMPERED Emotions will be a timeless piece that you can pass down, or send with kids when they are sharing with their kids.

Timely events and emotion is what TEMPERED Emotions is. We temper your life in glass!

Focused on creating a stunning glass print that you’ll cherish forever.

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